Marvellous Merimbula

Nana and grandpa join us for a mini Merimula holiday before our Melbourne return.

Stopping for lunch alongside the Giant Trout in .... In keeping with the theme, we eat smoked salmon sandwiches.

Celebrating Jemima's 14th birthday on our first night in Merimbula.

Out two family teams line up for some post-dinner birthday bowling... where we kick some Herschberg butt.
Rikki and her kite at Merimbula beach.

Pamula's annual country fair.

Almost a whole year on the road, and in our final few days we still manage to find an experience we haven't tried yet... this time: pony rides.
Jack and his amazing bum shorts from the Showbag of Magic.
Lice Alert.
Nothing that the chemist, a bath, a comb and a few spare hours can't fix.
Storytime with Nana in our wonderful holiday home by the beach.