The Travelling Wilbiharys

An ode to adventure - composed by Loo before our departure, and resonating with truth and triumph upon our return.

Like at so many special times,
I feel compelled to write a rhyme...
To wish you travels that are safe, eye-opening & sublime:
A truly unique experience --- A once in a lifetime.

What awaits you? Where will you go?
That's the appealing part --- Not to know!!!
A year long adventure of exploring and fun,
In our wide brown land in the fresh air and the sun.

Wildlife, Nature, Weather & the star-filled Sky, 
A plethora of experiences not to pass by.
An amazing gift for a family to share - 
To just pack up your life & end up Anywhere!

Jack, we will miss you and can't wait to
Hear all the exciting things you will see and do!!
Rikki, we will miss your beautiful smile - 
We can't wait to hear about all the animals you see on the miles!!

Benji, you are going to grow up so big & strong - 
We'll miss you too whilst you are gone so long!!
Sam, more than you know, I will miss
Knowing that just down the road is my sis. 

Doogy, our special uncle, friend & bro,
We will also miss you more than you know...
To you we take off our hats in pure admiration,
For captaining this journey of growth and exploration!

So the Travelling Wilbiharys are hitting the road
With the Cruiser, the Van and a mighty load.
We hope that the adventure ahead is all you imagined and more
And we can't wait for the day you return to our shore!!!

The Travelling Wilbiharys have gone, seen, conquered and come back to tell their tales. It was, without a doubt, all we imagined and more!!

Need a Caravan?

The journey is over, and its time for one last look at our home on wheels - first pre-clean-up ... and then: ready-for-sale...

Home at Last

Back to where it all began. After months living on top of one another in a tiny caravan, the house in O'Loughlan street feels as ENORMOUS as our excitement about being back again. 

Happy 40th Budge

Our final birthday celebration on the road!

Marvellous Merimbula

Nana and grandpa join us for a mini Merimula holiday before our Melbourne return.

Stopping for lunch alongside the Giant Trout in .... In keeping with the theme, we eat smoked salmon sandwiches.

Celebrating Jemima's 14th birthday on our first night in Merimbula.

Out two family teams line up for some post-dinner birthday bowling... where we kick some Herschberg butt.
Rikki and her kite at Merimbula beach.

Pamula's annual country fair.

Almost a whole year on the road, and in our final few days we still manage to find an experience we haven't tried yet... this time: pony rides.
Jack and his amazing bum shorts from the Showbag of Magic.
Lice Alert.
Nothing that the chemist, a bath, a comb and a few spare hours can't fix.
Storytime with Nana in our wonderful holiday home by the beach.


We are homeward bound now, but still find time for a Canberra quickie.

Suiting up for the drop slide at Questacon.
Questacon Tossers!
Parliament Posers!

Posing at Parliament

Special Sydney Friends

Three weeks in Sydney give us more than enough time to catch up with EVERYone we know.

Hanging out with the Brettski Bunch.
Off to the beach with Jem, his family and his awesome inflatable boat.
(Less awesome is the effort required to deflate it a couple of hours later so that it could be packed back in the car. And yet overall, still worthwhile - we can all concur.)
Homemade bagels a'la the Mertens.
Brunch at Jude and Marks - with Tracey and Josh and Annette and Ariel.
The Big Post-Wedding Play-In-The-Park, with the happy couple, Michelle's sister (MC extrordinairre), Doov and Annie from Perth, and Dan and Vix from Melbourne - as well as all our little offspring.


There's no end, it seems, to the fun that Sydney can throw at us. It's sunshine and smiles all round as the grown-ups bunk down inside and the kids take over the caravan.

Painting with Auntie Karen.
Movie marathon on wheels.
The Grand Shabbat Dinner with Karen's folks joining in the mayhem.
Catching up with more of the extended Sydney family.
Off for a spot of fishing, Malabar style...
.... and then hitting the Malabar beach highway!

Happy 4th Birthday Benji

As Chanukah ends, Benji's birthday celebrations begin. A final jam donut, anyone?

Scoffing donuts before the guests arrive. Luckily there are lots, lots, LOTS more.
All in for the obligatory family photo.
Surfer Benji, atop his new surfboard... thank you Nana Jenny and Grandpa Em!
Skater Benji, atop his new skateboard... thank you Nanna Laima and Papa David!

The wedding we've been waiting for

Our Sydney stopover is scheduled so that we can all attend (with gusto!) the wedding of Michelle Sowey and David Urbinder. Hands down, THE most romantic wedding ever.

Hanging out at the Chuppah.
Best mates having the best-est time.
After-Party Antics.