Queensland Here We Come!

Two states and one territory down. Now, it’s onto Queensland!!! After crossing the border, we bed down in Camooweal overnight. Then we hit Mount Isa and her super-sized mine, her super playground and her underground hospital. Then it’s onto Cloncurry where there's not much to do but cook up a vegetable n' chickpea curry storm. That, and catch the footy telecast to witness St Kilda's grand final hopes get dashed.

Hard to contain the enthusiasm when the kids realise that we are now entering the Sunny State of Theme Parks and Waterslides.
There is - on the freeway - an actual dotted line indicating where the Northern Territory ends and Queensland begins. Keeping an eye out for road trains, we enjoy some interstate leapfrog. Now we're in NT... now we're in QLD... now NT... now QLD...
Deep in the bowels of Mount Isa's restored WWII underground hospital.
Daredevil Benji on one of the many awesome pieces of playground equipment at Mount Isa's Family Fun Park, located right next to the city's copper 'n lead mine. Smoking chimney billows at rear.
Playground Playmates.
Curry in Cloncurry