Undara erupts for us

The Undara Volcanic National Park shows, yet again, that just when we think we’ve done every cave experience possible … there’s still, amazingly, more. This time it’s the Undara Lava Tubes, giant caves with marshmallow like ceilings, water logged floors and shadow-like residue marking the walls, created 160,000 years ago when volcanic eruptions sent molten lava spewing along creek and river beds. We also walk the rim of a volcano crater, enjoy a return of the much loved campfire-marshmallow-guitar-combo, and rejoice in the friendliness of the local wildlife, greeting kangaroos as we traipse to the dunnies at dawn and dusk, and welcoming a potaroo (cute little possum-kanga-cross) to our table at night.

Rikki inside a lava tube arch.
Outside the entrance to a lava tube. The tubes are only accesible on guided tours, so we jump aboard a tour bus, a novelty in and of itself for us solo adventurers. Kids take it in turns to ride shotgun with the bus driver.
Kids run on ahead into the belly of a lava tube, in their parents' somewhat desperate -and altogether fruitless - attempt to keep their raucous behaviour under control as the rest of the tour group struggle to hear the ranger. 
Wall markings in a lava cave. Look closely and you'd swear you can see the Jolly Swagman, his jumbuck and the Troopers, one two three.
Budgie contemplating his next move. Potaroo contemplating hers.
Creating our own little volcano inspired heat. Eruptions invariably come later... in the caravan...