Wooli Water Fun

We have been clamouring to try our hand at kayaking or canoeing for months and in Wooli we finally get the chance, with both available to loan - for free! - at the lakeside caravan park we are staying in. Well worth the wait.

Our second Wooli day is earmarked for more canoeing fun, but after a morning cycle (in mother duck formation... dad, benji, rikki, jack, mum) an unexpected wave of exhaustion washes over us instead and in the absence of any nannas within a coo-ee to lend a hand, we resort to the next best thing: the "Lunchtime To Bedtime DVD-a-thon". Two meals, three kids, four movies. No shame, no pain. Adventurers gotta do, what adventurers gotta do.

Budge, Rikki and Benji canoeing out on the lake
Everyone waiting for mum to jump aboard so the team can set sail.
Tropical trees, sunshine... but movies in the annex are more enticing, while mum reads and dad shloofs.