Yaaaaaaa - amba

We have been beach hopping for so long that its all becoming a bit of a surf-sun-sand blur. So it is a refreashing change to stumble upon the Blue Pool in Yamba. A natural water hole nestled amongst Pandana trees, the Pool's deep depths and rocky cliff face walls provide a gut churning, high diving challenge: one that is tackled and conquered, with gusto, by the Bihary brave.

From Yamba we also make day trips to Grafton, to the Scottish town of Maclean and into the Yamba township itself - all of which are a more subdued affair for our family of thrill seekers, but a welcome distraction nonetheless as wet weather continues to stalk us.

Pucking up the courage for early jumps, Budge leads the way.
Jack conquering the six metre jump.
Daddy mid flight.
Tandem dive. Go boys go!
In the town of Maclean each telegraph pole is decorated with the tartan pattern of the town's many Scottish families and founders. The kids are more interested in hearing about what a scotsman really wears under his kilt.