Are We There Yet!

Our Darwin visit coincides with a special event at the City Library - a book reading with Allison Lester, whose "Are We There Yet" storybook about a girl and her family travelling around Australia provides constant inspiration for our own adventure. Alas, it seems we're not alone. As we wait in line to get our book signed, we overhear the family in front of us explain that they have been likewise inspired and are on a one year trip too. So much for the Biharys making any sort of special impression! Nevertheless we leave Allison with our blog address, just in case she gets the urge to write a sequel.

The BiharysOnTour with author and illustrator Allison Lester.
Allison and her sketch pad, making illustration look oh so easy - which, as it turns out, is quite true for the Bihary kids.  
Inspired by Allison, our own budding artists turn the sand into canvas at Mindil Beach. 
Jack's tropical man, complete with thongs, hula skirt, and a wedge of lime in his smoothie.