Crowned crater of Kings Canyon

The Kings Canyon Resort in the Watarrka National Park distinguishes itself as the first van park where there are safety gates on the toilet blocks to keep the dingoes out. During our two night stay, we're also able to gaze upon the 100 metre tall canyon walls from the camping ground - and upon a red back spider in the Men's dunny. Both equally rivating.

Deep in the canyon on the Kings Creek Walk. (Reluctantly we decided not to attempt the 3+ hour walk along the top of the canyon ridge, the only way to visit the rock formation known as the Lost City. With three kids still pooped from their Uluru walk-a-thon, the city will unfortunately this time have to stay lost). 
At the waterhole in the Katherine Springs walk at Kings Canyon. The site is special to the Aboriginals because of its link to the Rainbow Serpent. It becomes special to the Biharys Children because of its link to the Rainbow Snakes that mum distributes as a reward for their hiking endurance.
Taking a crack at one of the grinding stones that dot the path at Katherine Springs. The kids recognise them - and know exactly how to use them - after our day at the Alice Springs Desert Park.
Benji the Daredevil strikes again. Endlessly entertained by riding round and round the toilet block because at the far end it dips over and down and - voila - he has his own semi-BMX track.