Fallin' for Edith Falls

Edith Falls is an oasis of natural swimming pools and waterfalls -and the perfect place to snap us back into adventure mode after Darwin. Topless and tanned, we tackle the low waterhole on the afternoon we arrive and hike to the upper waterhole the following morning. Not even the thought of dog-paddling into a freshwater croc can deter us.  

As always, Budge braves the cold first and sets the pace.
Waaaaay on the other side of the pool, Jack and Budge huddle on the rock at the water's edge, after a magnificent effort swimming across. Sam, Benji and Rikki prefer to huddle in their towels on the shore.
The topless team, scrambling alongside the upperwater hole.
After swimming out to the waterfall with Jack, Budge returns to ferry Benji across the upper waterhole. Be it on water or land, there's no hike where that kid can't negotiate a piggyback...