Gigantic-ish Geraldton

Our two bedroom cabin in Geraldton's caravan park feels ENORMOUS and it takes some time to adjust to the novelty of having our own bathroom - inside! - and needing to take a good 4-5 steps to get from the sink to the kitchen table. The city itself is also on the big side, but we tick all the tourist boxes quickly (Museum - check. Fisherman's Wharf - check. HMAS Sydney Memorial - check. Harbourside playground, Fruit & Veg superstore, every camping store in town. Check check check). After a few days in Geraldton we have cabin fever... literally - so we jump in the car (which feels eerily light) and head to the sunnier shores of Kalbarri.

At the memorial for the HMAS Sydney navel vessel. The dome is made up of 641 seagulls representing the sailors lost at sea. The kids gaze skyward as Budge points to the pillar that marks the longitude and latitude of where the ship was finally located.