Morning at Monkey Mia

We’re not accustomed to setting an alarm but set one we do – and for 7am no less – to ensure we’re on the beach at Monkey Mia by 7:45 for the first dolphin feeding of the day. We need not have hurried, because these days the dolphins are temperamental and we wait until about 8:45 before six of them grace us with their presence. It is, however, well worth the wait. As we stand knee deep in water, they swim back and forth past our legs, so close we could touch them (but this is, of course, not allowed). Then comes time for the keepers to feed them, and our kids are chosen from the crowd to help. Naches, again. You betcha.
Lined up to greet the dolphins. Indianna Budge is asplendant in his new leather hat.
The sight of friendly fins approaching. 
Real live dolphins. So - so - so - so very close.
Brekkie time with three excited assistants.