Hanging out with Princess Shirley

Heading back to Geraldton we leave Australia, travel to a foreign land, then return to our shores again. All in the space of one and three quarter hours. Hutt River Province is a legal quirk, a farmstead that ceded from Australia in the early 1970s to avoid a tricky taxation scheme, and now stands alone as a completely independent, self-sufficient principality. Everything about the place is surreal, from the story of its creation to its currency and postage stamps to its living royal family. It is a hoot and we soak it up, even if the kids are disappointed that Princess Shirley is not wearing her tiara on the day we visit.

Copping a wink with Prince Leonard.
Having our photo taken with Princess Shirley. The kids are excited about that, but even more excited about the cans of Creamy Soda that they have been allowed to buy. After all, you can't visit a foreign land without partaking in some local food that you're not allowed to have back home.
Budge deep in conversation with her royal highness Princess Shirley, after we complete our tour of the Principality, including post office, chapel and souvenir shop. The official flag of Hutt River flies at full mast.