Sandy Cape

With the Foundation Day long weekend bearing down upon us, we opt for an extended stint of camping at the picturesque Sandy Cape. Getting in early gives us the pick of the sites, and we position ourselves alongside a giant tree, whose branches provide great climbing and rope swinging entertainment, and within a coo-ee from the beach, whose sandy dunes keep the kids busy for hours on end - even more so after we buy our own sandboard from the local surf shop and toss them some Shabbat candles to keep it well waxed. Mix in some day trips - fishing, four wheel driving, cave exploring and the legendary Pinnicles - add some long lazy afternoons curled up with novels and suduko (while the kids are but silent specks on the sandy horizon...) and its a wonderful re-entry to life in the great outdoors.

Jack proves that Budge ain't the only builder in the family, working diligently over an afternoon to construct a remarkably resiliant teepee from twigs. The local ranger is so impressed with his construction he stops by to sing the boy's praises and even take his own digital snaps.
Brekkie pikelets a'la Budge. Minutes later our new friend Jasmine from the caravan across the way comes by to share with us a plate of her mum's freshly cooked... you guessed it - pikelets. Must've been something in the water...
About to enter the deep dark cave at Stockyard Gully National Park, torches in hand. Unlike the caves we've explored already, this one is the uncut, unplugged version - which means a 100 metre or so journey into complete pitch blackness. Very fun!
Atop the beloved dunes, babysitter extraordinairre.