Clarity in Clare

Our sojourn in the Burra bush was perfectly timed to aid our transition to life on the road. We have returned with a heightened appreciation of... EVERYTHING! Initially we had to transition to caravan life from home life in suburban Ormond. Now we transition to caravan life from bush camping. We spend two nights and a day in the Clare Valley, cleaning, washing and generally organizing ourselves. And with due credit to Monty Python, we find ourselves noting in delight every small comfort, with SUCH genuine appreciation.
A toilet that flushes! LUXURY!!
Taps that can be left running without fears of the water supply running out! LUXURY!!
Hot showers! LUXURY!!
Washing machines! LUXURY!!
Electricity that doesn't need a generator! LUXURY!!
A well stocked supermarket with aisles upon aisles of food! LUXURY!!
Phones within range... Skype... Internet... LUXURY LUXURY LUXURY!!!!!
Our world has been reduced to a caravan, car, a few sets of clothes, some tubs of food, some recreational toys and a few techno gadgets. We feel wealthy. We feel blessed. We feel like royalty.