Novice adventurers explore Port Fairy

Learnings after one full day away:
1. We have definitely packed way way too much of some things (does everyone really need their own nail clippers!.. or two hats!...) and forgotten some obvious others (frypan..! sneakers for Benji..! BBQ tools ..!!!).
2. Budge's supreme efforts to ensure all five bicyles could be towed away with us was worth every bit of sweat. There is no better way to sightsee.
3. Fears about Jack rolling off the top bunk were unfounded. Fears about flatulance in a small enclosed space were not.
4. Booking an ensuite site for our first caravan park stopover was worth every penny, even if the public amenities are the same distance from our van.
5. Succumbing to the temptation to fill every nook and cranny in the van and the car in our final hours of packing was SHEER madness.
6. Our one day caravan driving intensive was one day too short when faced with the reality of reversing into a campsite car park, for real.
7. Installing curtains on the kids bunks that can be pulled shut to give them personal space n' privacy works a treat.
8. Porridge is not as tempting a breakfast as we'd hoped, no matter how many chopped nuts, seeds, fruit n' cinnamon we stack upon it.
All in all, a glorious day. We fit in a swim, lots of scooting and cycling, a tour of Port Fairy, bbq dinner, an ankle sprain, some caravan troubleshooting, and even get the kids to write their own journal entries, eat a few vegies and snack on fruit. Feels like we've been at this gig for years.
It's only later, when we realise that we had the kids date their journal entries February 29, discover that we packed kilos of teabags and not a single mug, and find out that the bedtime success of our first night won't be repeated quite as easily on the second.... that we're forced to admit, there is indeed a long road ahead. Lucky for us, we have all the time in the world.

Busy journalling...

A snap from the tail bike as we head into town...