Achievement in Arno

In Arno Bay we have a playground and a pier only a stone's throw from our caravan, and the kids revel in their independance, frolicking and fishing at a whim.

After spending an entire day out on the pier, mostly on his own, Jack finally catches his first fish. Apparently his stamina is impressive not only us but to rest of the fishing folk too, who donate a few extra fish to his bucket to bring his catch tally to seven. We clean the fish, fillet them, flour them, egg them, crumb them, fry them – and then ask them not to take it too personally when the kids are less than enthusiastic about eating them.

We also celebrate a second milestone that sets an equal record for perseverance – after more than two years of false wobbles, Rikki finally has a loose tooth. Meanwhile Budge enjoys his own spiritual Sabbath high, sneaking away on Friday night to watch the St Kilda game at the Arno Hotel.

Quotes of the Stay:

“Argh, I’m covered in fish tiles!” Said by Jack after unhooking his catch and getting scales all over his hands as the fish keeps slipping from his grasp.
“My arm ankle hurts!” Said by Benji as he rubs his elbow after bumping it in the car. His logic does somewhat hold.
Jack and his prize catch of Whiting.
Up close and personal with a crab. Until now the kids have found only crab shells/ skeletons, so finding the real thing is a treat.