Radiant Robe

Onto the idyllic seaside hamlet of Robe, SA - a place of many firsts:
* our first family fishing expedition
* our first four wheel drive along the beach
* our first non-ensuite site (meaning a longer shlep to the toilets in the night)
* our first laundry load ...
* and with loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed "cheryl" camped across from us, our first real need to drop down the privacy screen in front of our caravan's awning.
The kids continue to amaze with their ability to adapt - Benji asks to go "home" when we're out in the car and he wants to head back to the caravan, and is referring to O'Loughlan Street as our "old home". Meanwhile Rikki's new mate Chloe from the Mt Gambier caravan park is here again in Robe, so it's like being back in the old neighbourhood. "Cheryl"and her rude rants notwithstanding, we discover that two days in paradise is not enough. With another fine day forecast before the rain sets in again, we effortlessly bunk down for a third.

Traffic but a memory as we drive along Robe's 10 Mile Beach.
Off for a morning fish...

No bites yet. But there's always tomorrow.
A final ocean dip as the sun sets on another glorious Robe day.