Bush Camping in Burra

We head bush on a Thursday planning to stay overnight, only to realise Friday morning that with a long weekend approaching and without any pre-booked caravan park accomodation, we have no option but to hang out in the wild. We're hardly on our own though, with a steady stream of campervanning/ caravanning/ tenting families joining us in what is apparently Adelaide's worst kept camping secret - the remote Burra Creek Gorge.

It's the first authentic camping experience for the kids and a babtism by fire for all. Burra Gorge has it all!!!
The Pit Toilet that doesn't flush and let's you watch your poo pile up on top of everyone else's poo!
The slimy creek that is too dirty to swim in but perfect for catching yabbies!
The locust plague that fills with colour and movement what might otherwise have been an empty void between the departure of the morning flies and the arrival of the evening mosquitoes!
The walking tracks that lead to nowhere... or to flooded creek beds too deep to cross... or to mountain sides too steep to climb... or too long grass that looks friendly from afar and only reveals its burrs and thorns once you are stuck in the middle of it!

Five days later we emerge, covered in dust and sweat, insects matted in our hair, mozzie bites on both sets of cheeks, punctured tyres on at least one bicycle, any fears of falling into the Pit Toilet well and truly conquered (even by the littlest Bihary), and habits of personal hygiene a distant memory. We drive out through clouds of kamikaze locusts who play Frogger with our car, goannas lined up along the side of the road in anticipation of locust lunch.
Needless to say, we have had an absolute ball.

The first campfire for the trip. Marshmallows and guitars waiting in the wings. 
Rikki chasing butterflies. Ok, we lie. Rikki chasing locusts.
Our one excursion out of the Gorge takes us to the township of Burra and its fantastic passport tour, where one key grants you access to a multitude of historic buildings and mines. Here we strike a pose at the Open Copper Mine.
Burra Bliss