SA Snippets

Three days clocking up the kilometres as we hugged the South Australian coastline. Worthy stopovers rating a mention include:
* Our first encounter with a member of the infamous "biggest in Australia" family - this time Larry the Giant Lobster in Kingston SE;
* An inpromptu tour of the Ralph Fowler winery where we purchased the wine for our bridal party over a decade ago;
* Meandering through the German inspired hamlet of Handorf and its jams, salamis and koffeehaus culture; and
* Cycling in the mangrove tidal swampland at Port Wakefield.
The other worthy almost-stopover was the Coorong National Park, where Budge proposed to Sam on the "Young Husband" Peninsula way back in 1998. Too rainy to get out for a wander, so the wetlands are enjoyed from the comfort of the car. "Look kids, here's where you guys all began..."

In the shadows of Larry the Lobster...
Sampling grapes from the vine at the Ralph Fowler Winery.
Cycling through the expanse of swampland nothingness at Port Wakefield.
Had to happen!