Cave Wonders

The Jewel and Mammoth Caves in Margaret River are enormous, amazing underground kingdoms full of stalagmite and stalactite beauty. Our tours of both leave us shivering from the chill AND the thrill of being so deep in the belly of the earth. We also come away with the handy reminder: "Stalactites hang tightly to the roof; Stalagmites might grow tall." Will hold us in good stead for future cave exploring.

Staring at a stalactite or two in the Jewel Cave.
Meandering through the Mammoth Cave. In this one we had headsets instead of a tour guide - no points for guessing who got frustrated with their headset within the first two minutes (amazing how tantrums can echo in an enclosed underground space...)
Climbing our way out of the Mammoth Cave - Benji can just be seen towards the top of the stairs.