Windy Harbour blows us away

We blow into the seaside settlement of Windy Harbour – hike the cliff top, stoke two campfires, fish for salmon, revel in having a spacious grassy field outside our van to picnic and play, discover new pleasure in baking our own bread for lunch – and just over 24 hours later, we blow on out again.

Girl-With-A-Gap (now two teeth missing!) in front of the Rock-With-A-Gap on the D'Entrecastreaux Cliff Walk. 
The kids find out that the only thing better than a campfire at night ... is a campfire in the morning, with warm porridge to boot! The previous night they had taken the initiative to build the campfire from scratch themselves - scoring high on teamwork and cooperation, not so high on results (but nothing that some subtle tampering by daddy couldn't fix).  
During our morning of beach fishing we discover that even at a place named Salmon Beach we’re still not guaranteed a bite. Nevertheless the kids enjoy their new favourite game - playing chicken with the waves. Of course, no matter the weather, no matter the time of day, no matter the level of supervision, no matter how long or how short a window of time, Benji always ALWAYS ends up soaked, semi-naked and covered in sand like a chicken schnitzel.