No peeking at the Bluff

Stopping for lunch at a campsite in the Stirling Ranges, we discover an appealling array of hikes on offer, so decide to bed down for the night and tackle the most ambitious of the lot come daybreak - Bluff Knoll, the tallest mountain in South West WA. The kids put in an awesome performance, hiking the full 3km climb up the mountain to enjoy a 360 degree view at the peak. Sam is keen to stay and tackle another hike the next day... Budge cautions her to quit whilst she's ahead. The children, meanwhile, are all asleep before 7pm.

Taking in the view about a third of the way into our climb of Bluff Knoll.
Beginning the descent, Benji in his now familiar "koala bear" position on Sam's back (just like a heavy backpack only snuggly...)
Exiting the hike, the mountain in full view in the background. Rikki was the leader for the entire ascent, Jack for the descent, Benji completing a quarter of the climb by foot and the rest by mum's back. Champions, all three.