Pemberton and it's Pets

Pemberton offers us another caravan park nestled within a forest setting, so that we almost feel like we are camping - except that we can keep the heater on at night (somewhat important at this stage as the night are increasingly chilly), as well as do our laundry. The park also scores highly for its hikings trails as well as the friendly wildlife that share our living space - and Pemberton proper endears itself to us with a tram ride, an impromtu picnic and the great Centennial Tree Tower.

Within minutes of our arriving at the caravan park, Budge is surrounded by ducks and birds and later that night, by the fire, finds a bandicoot nuzzling at his feet. Ace Ventura Pet Detective... eat your heart out!
Of everyone Rikki is the most enraptured by our feathered friends and disappears to feed them at every opportunity. We keep making her sing a few bars of "Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag..." before we hand over any bread or seeds from our pantry.
A spoonful of peanut butter has become a popular treat - and an artistic challenge, as the kids use their tongues to sculpt various landmarks we have visited, such as Frenchman's Peak, Wave Rock, Bluff Knoll, Woody Island... Benji's previous best was "the straightest road ever" but he surpasses it with this lateral work of abstract art, which he announces loudly as "Peanut Moustache". 
Another "Freak of Nature" entry.... two Marri redgum trees, same species, one with wrap around bark, the other straight up and down.