A whale of a time in Albany

Albany is the biggest city we've seen for a while, second largest in the state of WA after Perth. So it makes sense that everything about our visit is very big indeed.

* There are the big windmills at the city's wind farm, generating an impressively big supply of eco-power;
* The big rock shaped like the head of a dog, named, not surprisingly, Dog Rock;
* The big scenic bike ride that we undertake on the second day, spanning a hilly 6km along the coastline from our caravan park into the city centre - that takes us a big 2 hours to complete - sees us encountering lots of big goannas on the path - evokes lots of big protests (and necessitates lots of big rest-stops) along the way - but is rewarded with the biggest icecream sundae we've ever seen at the end - bringing big big BIG smiles all round;
* The big experiential experience at Albany's Whale World, formerly the last active whaling station in Australia (...and big sense of shame at how many of these beautiful creatures were killed in our waters up until the 1970s);
* The big leap of faith required to step out on the viewing platform after our hike to the top of Castle Rock;
* And the biggest bonus of all - after helping some locals tow in their boat, we receive a big thank you in the form of a big salmon that they caught, fresh, that day.

So with our big fish in the fridge and big grins on our faces, we are ready to continue on our big adventure. Denmark awaits.

The kids tap into their own source of energy at Albany's wind farm. (Where yet again, they manage to take the wind completely out of OUR sails... when, standing in the awesome shadow of an enormous windmill, they all suddenly lose interest after spotting a big red bull ant crawling at its base, instantly far more interesting: "Wow, look at the size of THAT..!")
The legendary sundaes, a ridiculous seven scoops of icecream in each. Evidently the cafe never got many orders for this obscure menu item, but was forced to replicate what it looked like in the poster on the wall.... which we later worked out featured a glass half the size. 
Taking in the view from the top of Castle Rock - whilst trying not to think about the engineering savvy needed to hold us up.
Jack trying to contain himself after Rikki does her best impersonation of a beached whale as we tour the exhibits at Whale World, huge skeleton of a Blue Whale mounted behind them.