Denmark Delivers!

In Denmark we find a quaint, quirky, green village surrounded by lush pastures with fat cows and an array of distinctive beaches. We like it straight away, even more when we check into our caravan park, find ourselves on the banks of an inlet and discover that we can hire a boat - finally! - without needing a license. So we do. It’s a change from our usual cycling/ hiking/ 4W-driving repertoire … though we manage to fit in plenty of that as well.

Denmark also gives us our first social outing for the trip when we make plans to catch up with a friend who settled here years ago and has created an idyllic farmstead and family. It’s an intoxicating afternoon of great food and adult conversation, and we ride home in darkness laden with chestnuts picked from their garden. Thank you Sarah, Gavin and girls – your hospitality was awesome!
As tempting as it is to linger, what with Budge even receiving two offers of work... we push on.

Skipper Bihary sets sail, steering the tinny that we hire for a morning. The kids giggle themselves silly at how chubby they each look with lifejackets underneath their jumpers... and its a sunny smiley morning of fishing until the (some might say inevitable) loss of a fishing rod overboard. So far on our travels we have had to replace 3 rods. Time to go back for a 4th. 
Morning swim on Mothers Day at Greens Pool beach. Jack dares himself to swim all the way to the rock, which is impressive enough, but even more so when Sam joins him later and discovers for herself just how far out from how it really was. You can just see his proud little head bobbing in the water. 
Budge's beard gets a trim and we use the clippings to turn Benji into a mini Merv Hughs. We laugh almost as hard as we did the night before when walking along the beach at sunset and discovering that Budge's gait had him leaving footprints in the sand that had a big toe but no others. "Wow, look, I've lost my toes...!"