Wave Rock, rocks!

It's a 4+ hour detour to get to the isolated outback town of Hyden and well worth every single "are we there yet". We figure on seeing the impressive 100 metre long, 15 metre high Wave Rock and heading straight back, but a host of other attractions, including more feature rocks, two albino kangaroos, Mulka's Cave adorned with aboriginal handprints, and the chance to picnic alongside the famous Rabbit Proof Fence, all entice us to stay a second day and night.

Quote of the trip from Budge, when asked by Rikki to pass her a slice of apple, as he swats some pests from his face: "Would you like flies with that?"

Rikki surfs the wave as her brothers look on from the shallows. (A short while later things are a tad more tense after Rikki scales too far up the rock face and has to be rescued by Budge, who, after reaching her, can't quite work out how to be of help without toppling backwards himself.)
Three little Biharys inside Hippo's Yawn.
The Rabbit Proof Fence proves to be not attitude proof, as evidenced by the fairly dismal response from the kids when we ask them to 'pose like a bunny'. No matter how many times we look at the pic, Benji's expression still cracks us up.