Campin' at Coffin...

Coffin Bay National Park. Where emu mothers and their babies roam wild, kangaroos bounce by as we knead our challah dough, and towering sand dunes and four-wheel-drive tracks deliver endless adventure.

We learn how to order our dinner using aboriginal words – MAI (vegetables) and BARU (meat) – and rename the sandy shores by which we’re camped “Vanilla Beach” after a rather messy incident involving yoghurt, gastro and young Benji.

And yet, in Coffin Bay, it seems we finally bid farewell to the gastro bug once and for all, despite the messy start. Two nights of restful sleep (interrupted only by the occasional owl and curious roo) later, we leave with more National Parks firmly in our sights.

Climbing an awesome sand dune at what we named the "Fun Yum Yum Beeeeach!"... (not to be confused with it's smaller version down the road, which we named "Son of a Beeeeach")
... and the same sand dune, looking back, at the midway mark.
The family at play on one of Coffin Bay's crowded beaches.
Don't be deceived - we are mere metres away from Ma Emu and her fluffy offspring.