Fun in Fowlers Bay

Fowlers is a self-sufficient eco-village at the end of a forty kilometre dust track that veers off the Eyre Highway not long after entering the Nullarbor. We miss the turn-off the first time and have to double back – and are rewarded for our effort with an unexpected sand dune oasis that leaves us breathless when we gaze upon it, and even more breathless when we tackle it with a toboggan.

Most memorable moment…? After experiencing one false start after another when pushing the toboggan off and failing to get enough friction to send it more than a few inches, we apply a thick coat of wax to its base and send Jack burning down a dune. He skids to a stop, jumps up and proceeds to do what can only be described as a jig, giggling and hooting like a madman as he hops from foot to foot. Yes indeed Houston, we have lift-off!

Jack and Rikki on the second toboggan ride for the day. Moments later they veer off course and front-rider Rikki gets her hand scratched badly by the clump of trees on the right... not a great start and it's a good half hour with plenty of coaxing before she'll board the 'boggan again. Fortuntely once she does, scratches are quickly forgotten.  
Father and son speed down the slopes.
Rikki taking a private moment out on the dunes, nursing her scratched hand and bruised pride. 
Ending the day with a spot of fishing. Jack's now in charge of sussing out with the locals what's biting and purchasing our bait, but this time it's Budge's turn to catch dinner for us all.