Esperance n' Woody Island

Bushland makes way for farmland as we arrive at the pine-tree speckled, seaside town of Esperance, where we plan to spend first night seder before making our own exodus to the nearby Cape Le Grand National Park and its renowned Lucky Bay. Time enough to squeeze in a day trip to Woody Island - replete with sea-lion spotting, an island hike, lizard feeding, swim n’ snorkel n’ slide, and a glass bottom boat ride - and a very special memorial dinner in honour of the late Nana Cenci.
Feeding the lizards with carrot scrapson Woody Island.
Jack flying off the end of Woody Island's fabulous version of a water slide, Sam bobbing in the water below. Both Budge and Sam also brave a turn, Sam's descent proving to be the most vocal of the three (after she finally pitches herself forward after freezing in fear at the top).
Budge busy preparing dinner to mark Nana Cenci Bihary's Yartzeit. We dine on her cauliflower soup with galushka, and beef paprika goulash with nokedli, and the chef does her proud.