Chag Pesach Sameach

In our mobile home, miles from the comforts and community of Melbourne, everything about Pesach - the Festival of Freedom - seems to resonate more loudly and more authentically with us this year. We scrub our van, our car and our clothes clean of chametz (and sand… and dirt.. and dust…) then settle in to share two intimate seders together, each an experiential delight.

Our wonderfully simple, simply wonderful seder table, with home-baked matzot to boot! (The matzot are the highlight of the chag, only to be surpassed a few nights later with a matzah-version of apple crumble that is, in Jack's effusive praise, "a dessert for a king!") 
Everyone's comfortable on pillows in our seder tent. Let the seder begin. (Easier to see now that our handwashing water jug is in fact the kettle and our white tablecloth is a single-bed mattress protector... which actually proves to be completely appropriate after Benji spills his 3rd glass of grape juice).
Benji looks on as Jack scans ahead to find out how long to go before he can hunt for the afikoman again on second night seder.