From Nullarbor... to Norseman

Having conquered the Nullarbor, we stop to celebrate in Norseman, our arrival marked by the great Buckwheat Puff Willy-Willy that is created in the car when Sam opens the sunroof by mistake as the kids are munching on them from bowls.

We restock our supplies of fresh fruit and veg, which have NEVER tasted so good… and stay just long enough to cycle the town on our bikes (everyone), tackle the walking tracks (Sam and her piggybacking “koala bear”, Benji) and clean out those pesky lil’ buckwheat puffs from every nook and cranny in the car (Budge… who else!).
The gang display the certificates marking their crossing of the Great Nullarbor.
The corrugated-iron camels, an icon of Norseman. Camel and horse silhouettes also appear on every street sign in the town.
Benji turning tricks on his BMX. The other crowd pleaser is his “Dukes of Hazard” take-off where he runs alongside his bike holding onto the handlebars before swinging himself up and onto the seat.