Getting lucky in Lucky Bay

Not hard to understand why we feel so lucky in Lucky Bay:
* Sands voted the whitest in Australia;
* Kangaroos on the beach (and by the toilet block... and behind our tent... and at our door...);
* Walking trails and 4WD tracks of breathtaking, biblical beauty;
* Campsite luxuries like flushing toilets, solar heated showers and drinking water on tap;
* Scores of fellow camper kids to befriend;
* Not forgetting the simple fact that we snare ourselves a campsite during the very very busy Easter break, given there are only 18 up for grabs.

Lucky Bay helps us see one another through new, rested eyes. We discover in Jack an unbridled love of the sea and surf, which has him diving beneath waves for hours on end. Rikki teaches us to see new potential in the ordinary – turning washing up duty into games of suds, and sand banks into slides. Benji continues to amuse with his unique take on life, from walking everywhere barefoot (“I’ve got my superfeet on again today!”) to standing at the water’s edge on top of his boogie board to show that he can surf the waves. While us grown-ups come to appreciate our different yet equally important ways of connecting with the land – Sam needing to explore by foot, Budge by car.

We camp out in Lucky Bay for the whole eight days of Pesach, our body clocks finally, fully, in sync with the sun. Lucky, lucky us!

Kangaroos greet us on the beach on our first day in Lucky Bay. During our stay we also see seals, goannas, lizards, dolphins... and on the last day, a snake (proudly spotted by a very excited and not in the least bit frightened Benji).
Starting our ascent of the very steep Frenchmans Peak mountain.
Descending Frenchman's Peak with Benji in saddle. 
Budge heading off for another snorkle in the sea. We each receive our own snorkle set this trip, but Budge is the one most enraptured with the underwater world thus far.