Elliston and it's long long long jetty

Our overnight stay in Elliston gives us the chance to walk along one of the longest and oldest jettys in Australia, jutting a staggering 470 metres out to sea. With the two youngest Biharys needing to be carried the whole way due to the biting cold winds, it feels twice as long as that, but the gale does nothing to dampen Jack’s mood as he discovers with glee “I’m drooling sideways!”

We are now hugging the coast along the Great Australian Bight where awesome ocean views, mighty cliff faces and expansive shores are par for the course... and present us with a few road signs that remind us just how far away from our own Vic Roads we've strayed.

Rikki edges into the water, looooong jetty in the background.
Good for a laugh...
And another...
And another...!