Streaking in Streaky Bay

Our four day stay in Streaky Bay will be remembered for many things.
• The Bay where the caravan park packed the vans in like sardines, but nobody cared because the park was literally ON the beach … a beach that stretched endlessly in either direction and whose ankle deep water was a playground of wading, paddling and pippy hunting fun.
• The Bay where we saw our first Sea Lions and sampled our first sea salt.
• The Bay where Benji and Rikki caught their first fish…another fine dinner taken care of!
• The Bay where we discovered how much fun it is to hand feed pelicans.
• The Bay where the kids polished off 2 to 3 family-size tubs of yoghurt a day, but we didn’t care because after more than 2 weeks of gastro and with shorts slipping off them, we would do anything to fatten them up.
• And the Bay where, of course, one of us had to do the obligatory streak… Cue Benji, in the early morning, on his bike, riding bareback.

Late afternoon stroll through the shallows in front of our caravan.
Peering down at the Sea Lion colony at Point Labatt.
Passing the salt at the Salt Lakes.
Pelican supper time.