48 hours in a big bustling metropolis like Brisbane - amongst crowds, traffic and concrete - is about all we can handle these days. So we cram in a picnic lunch at South Bank, hang out like locals in the bohemian West End, do a driving tour of the city and surrounds, navigate across town to squeeze in a spa treatment for Sam - and then scadoodle outa there.

Quote of the stay, heard from Benji in the back seat as Sam hands out food: "Vegemite sandwich, come to mama...!"

All giggles as Rikki and Benji swap identities...
... and swap again...
... and yet again.
Looking after a weak bird found outside our caravan. We leave it in a tree and are relieved to see that it has found its way home when we return that night. 
Nepalese temple in Southbank, a relic from Expo 88 and which, upon closer inspection, reveals some very X-rated carvings.