Trick or Treat in Tewantin

There is something about being able to walk the streets in crazy costumes, knocking on the doors of complete strangers, who then stuff your bags with sugary treats, that has always held immense appeal for the three Bihary kids. The possibility of missing out on Halloween fun this year JUST BECAUSE we are miles and miles from home was never going to go down well. So it was with great relief on all our parts that we managed to locate a neighbourhood in Noosa with just enough Trick-or-Treat activity afoot to keep our little ghouls - and their sweet tooths - satisfied.

The back-up plan was to send them circling the caravan park and return after every lap to our van, where we would answer the door in a different accent and guise, and doll out the treats ourselves. Fair to say that we are all happy it did not have to come to that.

Mum hard at work applying layers of face paint.
(Two hours later she will be hard at work again, sponging it off.)
Two zombies. One witch. Ready to hit the streets.
First stop on our Trick Or Treat parade. These Tewantin locals went all out to transform their garden, garage and entry hall into a Haunted House that leaves Luna Park's Ghost Train for dust.  We only wish we could return in a month or so to see how they deck their halls out for Christmas.