THE theme parks

Wet n’ Wild on Sunday, with excited cousins and Auntie Loo in tow.
Movie World on Monday, with cousins, Auntie and a gung-ho Nanna Laima on board.
Dreamworld on Friday, this time with Nanna and fun Uncle Joel. (Mum and dad get to skip this one ... and enjoy a dream world of their own.)

Quote of the day:
Rikki, as we enter the carpark at Wet n' Wild and see the thrill rides looming large, exclaims loudly "Super golly grief, I'm scared out of my wits". Brief pause. Then quietly to herself and in somewhat of a puzzled tone "What are wits?"

Three Wet n' Wild victors in front of a beast well conquered (including very intimidating drop slide in the middle).
Waiting for more wave action at the Wet n' Wild Wave Pool.
The slide we started and ended the day on at Wet n' Wild.
(In hindsight it was not a good idea seating Sam and Jemima on one side and lightweights Elliot and Benji on the other for this particular ride down, as the otherwise sturdy raft almost folds in on itself and flings the fellas off, on some of the sharper turns. Live and learn.)  
Jack entranced at the Movie World stunt show that he bucked up at having to attend but was mature enough to concede did more than deliver the goods.
Drenched - but decidedly pleased with ourselves - after riding Wild West Falls.
(Nanna Laima takes note and, when accompanying Jack for another ride in the afternoon, tucks her hair into a plastic bag and emerges with her red locks dry and in place. An impressive improvisation which leaves us all rueing the fact that noone had been on hand to get THAT photo...) 
Bat Benji casts a long shadow after a big day out.