Tap Tales Part 1

Our trusty Toyota Land Cruiser has notched up about 34,000 kilometres so far.

Across all sorts of of terrain. Through water crossings. Along isolated beaches. Up and down steep inclines. Off the beaten paths and on lots more beaten ones. Dodging wandering cows, goats and sheep. Navigating amongst wild roos,emus, camels and cassowaries. Bombarded by kamikaze insects. Hit by wild winds. Pelted by rains. Whipped with mud, sticks, rocks and branches. Performing at all times with grace. With ease. With style. And with nigh a scratch or dint in sight.

Only to come a cropper at a caravan park in Evans Head, when driven forward - forward! - over a mounted garden tap.

We'd like to say that it was dark (it was midday) or that it was overcast (it was bright and sunny) or that we were in a hurry (we were just popping out for a spot of supermarket shopping) or that the tap was obscured by  shrubs or long grass (it was completely on its own).

We'd also like to say that it was Budge behind the wheel.

Obviously - unfortunately - as can only be expected - it was not.

A 34,000 kilometre triumph. Felled in one foul swoop. Onya Sam.

The trecherous tap and its passenger door victim.