Brunswick Heads

Our arrival in Brunswick Heads coincides with the arrival of inclement weather and our first few days are some of the most overcast and wet we've seen all year.

Luckily we are staying on the banks of the Brunswick river, which is equally fun in the wet and the dry and easily keeps the younger Biharys busy for hours on end.

In between we scoot out on daytrips to the surrounding towns: Nimbin, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Newrybar, Uki, Ballina, Byron Bay and Suffolk Park; clocking up lots of kilometres in the car and broadening our perception of just how many great places – and ways – there are to live.

Our social calendar also gets a dust-off: there’s dinner with our Mullumbimby mates Paul and Ben Blay and their families... and our Byron Bay buddy Pete Silverberg and his family too.

And when the sun finally comes out, there’s still time to fully enjoy the beachside, riverside haven that is Brunswick Heads, in all its glowing glory.

Out for a walk after we arrive in Brunswick Heads and its the most natural thing in the world for Jack to slip his hand into his dad's. It's these moments, more than any else, that we know won't last forever. We'll take what we can get, and enjoy every single second.
The view from our caravan, as the kids discover the Brunwick River for the first time.
A place to swim, to body surf, to canoe, to fish, to hunt crabs, to dig holes... to disappear for HOURS!
Ziah and Ben Blay in a big Budge bear-hug.
And more Blay Play... this time with Paul and his lovely ladies.
Nectarines (not narcotics..) in Nimbin.
Mullumbimby Farmers Market on a Friday morning. Moments later we are scoffing fresh bagels and reminiscing wistfully about Melbourne and Glicks.
Three Biharys (left of centre, behind the twins in red tees) watching the Spaghetti Circus youth troupe perform at the Mullumbimby Music Festival. Intrieged, then inspired, they then regale us with countless handstands and cartwheels for the rest of the day.
Catching teeny fish in buckets down at Brunwick River.