Birds and crocs in Wyndham

Wyndham is the unofficial croc capital and northern most town in WA. We stay at Parrys Creek Farm in the Marlgu Billabong Nature Reserve, an underrated haven, and after quickly hooking up our hammock we set forth to explore every inch of the place. Two days later, we have added birdwatching and croc feeding to our repertoire of experiences, taken in more jaw dropping views and bought ourselves a bit of aboriginal art.

Birdwatching at the Parry Lagoon birdhide. The brochures pitch it as the perfect retreat to spend 2-3 hours spying on the birdlife and listening to the birdcalls. Our children last 2-3 minutes. 4 minutes tops.
The clearest sign that we are now, undoubtedly, in croc land.
It's about time!! We finally encounter another member of the infamous "biggest in Australia" family - this time its Wyndham's giant croc. 
Continiuing the theme of the massively oversized are Wyndham's very impressive Dreamtime Statues.  
Rikki with local aboriginal artist "Kitty" and her carved boab nut (of which we are now proud owners).
Budge and Rikki (waaaaay down the end there) at the Five River Lookout, the vantage point 350 metres above sea level where the Ord, Forrest, King, Durack and Pentecost Rivers enter the Cambridge Gulf.