In, and out, of Port Hedland

We arrive in the red-iron-ore-dust-coated town of Port Hedland in the late afternoon. Just enough daylight left to see the massive rail effort in place to move iron ore into town for export, witness a loaded supertanker heading out to sea (with eight more queued up behind it), and visit the infamous detention centre. In Port Hedland we truly feel the heartbeat of the Australian economy pulsing.
Yet, back at our caravan park it is stinking hot, overcrowded with transient workers (accomodation shortage being a major issue) and the toilet block is made up of port-a-loos. We leave the next morning. Early. Without even eating breakfast.

Outside the Port Hedland detention centre. Sorry, that's EX-detention centre. Outside the newly branded Port Hedland Beachfront Village. Unbelievable!
Railway crossing at Port Hedland. We count every one of the 116 (!!!) carriages loaded with 260 tonnes of iron ore.