Birthday Bungle Bungles Part II

It takes us more than an hour to navigate our way by 4WD between the two hikes in the Bungle Bungles. Wouldn't have been an issue had we eaten lunch at the end of the first, instead of bundling the kids into the car and promising them we'd eat at the start of the second... "just a few minutes up the road". Who was to know the road would be so trecherous. Fortunately both hikes are so completely different, so incredibly spectacular, so totally engaging... that all is forgiven.

Giant pebbles paving the way into the Echidna Chasm are no obstacle for us Biharys.
Budge "Indiana Jones" Bihary peers up  and out of the Chasm. Quite impossible to capture with our little digital camera the immensity of sight and feeling as we edged our way through.
We are heading back to the car from Echidna Chasm and Benji does what he does best.. and frequently... and without any qualms whatsoever. Sitting down. Refusing to move an inch further. Happy to watch us disappear in the distance. Willing to wait until someone, anyone, anyone - please!! comes back to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way.
Crossing YET another river in the Parnululu National Park. We stop counting after 26... The continuation of the road is just visible far ahead on the other side.