Windjana - WOW!!

In Windjana Gorge we see – for the first time – real crocs in the wild. Tucked in the splendour of the Napier Range, Windjana is an ancient limestone reef that snakes through a jungle that would do Tarzan proud, alongside a sandy shore where the freshwater crocodiles bake themselves in the sun. As we hike the Gorge we view the crocodiles from afar, we view them up close (amongst crowds of tourists, finding courage in numbers), and then – when we get to a bit of beach where we can count five of them grouped together … well, then we concur that we have hiked far enough, and turn around to tiptoe our way back.

Group shot before entering the Gorge. Everyone under strict instruction to NOT pat the crocodiles.
View from in the Gorge. Looking dead ahead.
Edging as near as we dare to two little crocs on the beach. All the crocodiles in the Gorge are freshwater, which is the "safe" kind... but still, when cornered, a croc is a croc is a croc.
View from in the Gorge, looking up.