Discovering Derby

Derby captivates us – unexpectedly – and our overnight stop morphs into a three day stay. We visit the Pioneer Cemetery and Boab Prison Tree, spend an afternoon at the local swimming pool (with another awesome water playground), stumble upon a cultural arts festival in the marshlands at twilight, and visit the jetty at high and low tide to prove to ourselves that Derby does indeed have the highest tidal range in Australia (and second highest in the Southern Hemisphere). Derby is also the base-camp for our day trip down the Gibb River Road to take in the stunning Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek.

Budge and the ole ball n' chain at Derby's Prison Tree.
At the aptly named Long Trough outside the Pioneer Cemetery. Not sure if its the longest in the world but it's gotta come close. 
9.30am. Jetty at low tide.
3.30pm. Jetty at high tide.