Birthday Bungle Bungles Part I

The Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park - could there be a better place on the planet to celebrate a birthday? Amongst the black and orange beehive domes (a one-of-a-kind natural wonder), the Biharys celebrate Sam’s 39th birthday in true Sam-style – with a full day of hiking: Cathedral Gorge in the morning and Echidna Chasm in the afternoon.

Koala mum Sam with her baby koala bear. There is no denying that Benji has gotten ALOT heavier since we left Melbourne, so the days of piggybacking are numbered. Time to relish every single opportunity.
Biharys and the Bungle Bungle Beehives. We all feel spunky in our BiharysOnTour t-shirts too: Bushbasher Budge Snakespotter Sam - Jumbuck Jack - Redneck Rikki - Billabong Benji. That is, until some old bloke comments on the fact that Sam's nickname must've been chosen by "her old man". Dirty bugger! 
Leaping the length of the Cathedral Gorge river bed.
Benji belts out his own version of "Happy Birthday" in Cathedral Gorge.