Family Fun in Karratha

Budge’s folks join us in Karratha and after four days together, we still can’t agree on who enjoyed the visit the most – the kids, the parents or the grandparents. What we can agree on, with absolute certainty, is that we milked every moment.
* Mealtime smorgaboards – eating in, eating out and eating on the road.
* Walkie-talkie conversations as we drove in convoy.
* Totem tennis, bocce and card game contests – including a very special round of UNO with Jack and the grown ups late one night after his siblings fall asleep in the car at 5pm on the drive home from a long day of sightseeing and transfer to their beds to sleep through until morning (henceforth known as the great 14 hour sleep-a-thon).
* A spot of fishing at Karratha Backbeach and a spot of shopping at Karratha Centro (no points for guessing where the kids land the bigger catch).
* Bedtime stories, shell collecting and string puppetry with nana... AND a nana movie night.
* All local tourist sites explored… Cossack, Point Samson, Roebourne, and the enormous North West Shelf gas plant and nearby salt mine.
Nana Jenny and Grandpa Emmery leave us laden with gifts, messages from home, and a rather spiffy set of personalised tee-shirts. It is hard to say goodbye and the time comes all too soon.

The kids are captivated as Nana Jenny unpacks the goodie bag sent by Auntie Loo, Uncle Pin and cousins Jemima, Marcus and Elliot. Hard to feel more loved than we do!
All smiles as we share another meal together in the caravan annexe. A fine spread indeed.
Locking up the rascals in a prison cell at the historical town of Cossack. Not that their behaviour warranted it, what with nana and grandpa in town!
Rikki fishing with Grandpa. The conditions and location are less than optimal, but there is no way that we are going to let Grandpa leave without giving it a red hot go!