Liking Lake Argyle

In its former life, Lake Argyle was a cattle station of over a million acres. Once flooded and dammed in 1971 as part of an ambitious irrigation scheme, it became the biggest man-made lake in Australia. Nestled amongst the Carr Boyd Ranges, it also boasts some of the best views in the top end. We only stay for a night, but that’s time a’plenty to visit the dam wall, watch a glorious sunset, wake for a glorious sunrise, brave a dip in a gloriously cold “infinity” swimming pool (the kind where the water appears to just fall off the edge) – and even befriend the family in the caravan next door so that kids and grown ups can both stay up late playing together.

Jack giving Benji a piggy back to the car after another "I sit and refuse to move" moment.  The Argyle Dam wall can be seen in the background in the long shadow of a boab tree.
Serene Rikki nestled in a frangipani tree as the sun sets over Lake Argyle. Serenity takes a battering when she attempts to climb higher, a branch snaps and daddy catches her in the nick of time. No broken bones, but confidence very shaken and sobs ring out loud and long.
Jack braves the cool pool for the sake of photo.
Our car bored rangers. In the Carr Boyd Ranges.