Wyndham's Crocodile Penitentiary

Wyndham’s Crocodile Farm was the first of its kind in WA. The biggest, baddest brutes are sent to do time here and there are over 30 crocs (salties and freshies) to meet, with all sorts of crazy names including every member of the Flintstones. We arrive in time for the 11am guided feeding tour – and as great chunks of meat are tossed into the cages, learn everything there is to know about these natural born killers.

A big fella lazing in the sun. But when the meat is tossed in the kids find out just how quickly he can move.
Peering down at another big fella, right before he jumps up to grab his meat... and proves beyond any doubt that crocs can leap - and high!
1.... 2.....
.... 3. Snap!
A white crocodile. Extremely rare - and voted Rikki's favourite.