1770 - great name, great place

The little town called 1770 was named after the year (and place) in which Captain Cook made his second landing in Australia after Botany Bay. We arrive much later in the afternoon than planned after a collision on the road ahead brings traffic to a standstill for over an hour and a steady series of roadworks means we never quite pick up speed again after that. But the rains clear as we pull into 1770 and don't come back until the next morning - so our overnight stay, albeit brief, nonetheless manages to give us a hearty taste of all that 1770 offers. What an absolute hidden gem it turns out to be! Swimming, fishing, sailing, campfires, ocean views, bush walks, bike paths, boardwalks, playgrounds, tropical trees, serviced camp grounds... 1770 ticks all the boxes and we are reluctant to leave. But we have a rodeo rendezvous to make, so we say our sad goodbye and bookmark the place for a return visit with friends and family in tow.

The traffic jam we get stuck in. Banked up cars stretch ahead for about a kilometre, but there is no alternate route and we can only stick it out. Luckily the truckies up ahead are giving regular progress reports on the CB radio. Luckier still, the kids are immersed in a DVD in the backseat and have headphones on, because the reports are peppered with swear words, dirty jokes and commentary on every passing sheila. 
The beach at the camping grounds, butted up against a national park.
Impromptu game of rope-skip using seaweed on the beach. This town just inspires creativity!