Beach with a mission

Mission Beach is an absolutely gorgeous 14km stretch of pristine golden sand flanked by towering palms and with a scattering of small islands dotting the horizon. Unfortunately the swimming pool at our caravan park has a waterslide. And as far as the Bihary kids are concerned, the slide trumps the beach, any beach - and heaven help the poor fool (or is that "pool fool"?) who tries to drag them away. So our two days in Mission Beach are spent mostly by said pool (including a special illuminated night-time swim), though we do slip in some beach walks and one unexpectedly stressful trip into town where a bookshop owner, who re-opens her store to let us browse, then trips and sustains a very bloody, very gruesome cut to her forhead. We return to the pool post haste.

Final stretch of the banana-full Canecutters Way.
Finally dragging ourselves away from the pool to the beach - just in time to see the wind pick up, the temperature plummet and the sun completely disappear. 
At the almighty alrighty swimming pool and slide.